About us

Culdee Loans is a financial service provider with many loan products for individuals in the United Kingdome to utilize. By far our biggest product and one in which we are industry leaders are logbook loans.

As an ethical lender, we have the client’s best interests at heart. For this reason, we are proud members of the CCTA. Not only does this give disgruntled clients an outlet if they think we are not solving their problems properly, but we are also bound by a code of practice as required by the CCTA.

When you approach us for a loan, there is no need for us to check your credit history. All we ask is that you bring the correct documentation. Our loan products are affordable and we at no point will have you sign an agreement that puts you under financial strain. In fact, we encourage you to ask our staff for help should you have any other questions about your debt. Not only are they knowledgeable about the products we offer, but finances in general as well.

We remain committed in making sure that all loans we approve for our clients are easily repayable each and every month.

We pride ourselves on not only our loan products but our staff as well. They really put the client first. They are all experts in the loan field and receive regular training regarding customer care, new products and the latest theories from the financial world. Rest assured, we know that without you, the client, our business will not exist.

We promise that you can hold us to the following key points of our business:

  • Responsible lending
  • We will treat our customers in the manner that they expect
  • We will only charge penalty fees when applicable
  • We will go out of our way to deal with any complaints timeously
  • We will only repossess as a last option
  • If repossession takes place, we will give you 21 days to pay the loan amount before selling your vehicle to recoup costs.